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Absolute perfection at a fraction of the price
Patent : 8431188
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WHITEFIRE: Diamond Alternative

Serenity's expertise in the area of abrasion resistant, nano crystalline coatings on gem materials and other substrates for the purpose of enhancing the physical and optical properties has found a great application in the development of diamond simulants. Serenity’s WhiteFire gem is one such unique diamond alternative created in the lab using state-of-the-art technology to deliver perfection at a fraction of the cost of natural or lab grown diamonds.
The micrograph provides a close-up view of the surface of a WhiteFire gem magnified 250,000 times using a field emission scanning electron microscope. The secret behind the amazing brilliance and fire of WhiteFire is a proprietary ceramic consisting of dense nano crystals that conformally cover all cut surfaces, forming the skin of the gem that is robust and permanent. The average size of the nano crystalline particle cluster varies between 5 – 30 nm.




  • High refractive index (2.63) translates to superior brilliance (higher even than diamond).                                                                                                                  

  • Unlike cubic zirconia WhiteFire will never get cloudy or get foggy over a lifetime of use. The nano-crystalline skin of the gem provides excellent UV blocking.  ​


  • WhiteFire gems are unaffected by strong chemicals and can be set in fine silver and gold jewelry using standard practices including with rhodium plating. 

  • WhiteFire can be wax set and exposed to high temperatures similar to how cubic zirconia is handled today without any special handling requirement.​

  • WhiteFire gems come in all shapes and sizes cut to ideal diamond standards (with perfect H&A cuts for rounds) in D-E whites and wide range of fancy colors.  

  • WhiteFire gems are simply gorgeous and affordable (diamond perfection at a fraction of the price). 

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