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Ultra Polishing of Diamond

2 Angstrom Surface Finish
Patent: 7,459,702
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P2 Polishing of Diamonds:

Uncover the ultimate brilliance of a diamond with P2.

Serenity's patented ultra-polishing technology combines polishing wheel and beam technologies to polish diamonds with superior results and higher throughput than conventional iron scaife technology.

Radical in concept, astonishing in reality - P2 redefines diamond polishing to unprecedented levels of quality.

Serenity's P2 patented technology US7,459,702, uses a new polishing wheel which has been designed using specialty materials that allow a chemical/mechanical polishing of a diamond without the use of any diamond slurry. The Serenity polishing wheel comes ready to be retrofitted to existing diamond polishing wheel equipment with minimum hardware change.


Advantages of the Serenity Wheel over existing Iron Scaife 

  • the ability to significantly increase the throughput in diamond cutting and polishing operations

  • achieve a superior surface finish over conventionally polished diamonds

  • reduce the cost of operations due to lower cost of wheel maintenance

  • elimination of the use of diamond slurries

  • elimination of the application of pressure during polishing process


The diamonds polished by the Serenity Wheel can be be further improved to achieve maximum brilliance using Serenity's patented Cluster Beam Super-Polishing Technology for Diamonds


Cluster Beam processing delivers maximum brilliance to your diamond

  • Fully automated turnkey operation

  • Polish not one, but hundreds of diamonds at the same time.

  • Exceptional throughput - a few minutes to process one diamond

  • Unique ability to achieve P2 on all facets at once


Ultra Polishing of Diamonds

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