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Nano-diamond ceramic matrix 

Serenity's "diamond skin" treatment is covered by two issued patents in the area of treatment of nano crystalline diamond coatings on gem materials and other substrates. 
The gallery image demonstrates the existence of the nanocrystalline particles on a Diamantine  Gem in a high-resolution micrograph obtained via scanning electron microscopy (SEM) of the Diamantine facets as well as high resolution transmission electron microscopy (HR-TEM) and spectral analysis of the coating using energy dispersive spectroscopy (STEM/EDS). The average size of the nanocrystalline diamond cluster varies between 5 – 30 nm and as can be seen from the micrograph captured at magnification over 100,000X, the treated gem is uniformly covered with a high density of the crystallites that are composed of a proprietary ceramic matrix containing a high density of nano-diamond crystals. Identification and characterization of the nano-diamond crystals can only be done by lattice imaging using high-resolution transmission electron microscopy.


Fancy Colored Diamonds

Serenity’s ion induction color treatment for diamonds is covered by an issued patent in the area of abrasion resistant coatings with color component.
The gallery images demonstrate colored diamonds that can be produced by the conformal treatment of the cut surfaces of gemstones with a high quality abrasion resistant sub-micron overgrowth composed of an integrated film of dense metal oxides, oxynitrides, DLC and/or polycrystalline diamond deposited in a multi-layer composite structure. The treatment is robust and capable of withstanding gemstone setting processes and remain permanent under normal use conditions. The treatment is fully reversible and provides the ability to repair and restore treated gems that were subjected to accidental damage during jewelry setting or consumer use. 


Color upgrade of moissanite gems

Serenity's proprietary color upgrade treatment technology is especially advantageous for the production of DEF color Aryamond gems. The process of growing, cutting and polishing of SiC gems results in brown off-colored material. Serenity's proprietary color transformation technology consists of high volume batch processing systems programmed to perform series of process steps to produce the best color upgrade resulting in brilliant DEF color grade Aryamond gems. 

DCS150 .jpg

Laser Processing

Serenity has extensive experience in laser processing of diamond and SiC materials for precision slicing, shaping and coning. Serenity's laser operations include customized Synova platform, Sarine Quazer systems, planners and Serenity's custom built automated diamond coning lasers.


Polycrystalline Diamond Etching

Lab-grown diamond technology requires expertise, infrastructure and capabilities beyond the actual growth systems and processes. Lab-grown diamond material consists of the single crystal block of a size determined by the seed substrate and the growth height. The block is typically surrounded by black polycrystalline diamond material which can be recovered through laser sawing but if the single crystal block is of a pyramidal shape and requires complete removal of the polycrystalline diamond then Serenity's proprietary polycrystalline diamond etching comes in very handy. This technique only attacks the polycrystalline diamond without any effect to the single crystal material.  

Nano Technology

The use of Copper and Silver by human civilization dates back to between the 5th and 6th millennia B.C. Bacteria, yeasts and viruses are rapidly killed by these metals and the term "contact killing" has been coined for this process. With the advent of nanotechnology came the power to control the delivery and exposure to these metals in accordance with required safety for their intended use. ALLOUTnano promotes the use of ionized copper and silver nano particles in a easy to dispense alcohol-based formulation with additional beneficial therapeutic ingredients, for use as an instant antimicrobial hand sanitizer for use all day, every day.

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