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Laser-based Table Marking of Gemstones
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WordsWithin : Adding value to gems

Serenity's proprietary laser-based stealth marking technology was developed as a simpler and easy to use alternative to the more expensive focused ion beam technology for table branding of diamonds developed and patented in 1999 by J. Neogi, one of Serenity's founders during his tenure as CEO of a high-tech startup. This ion-beam patented technology was later licensed to DeBeers and LLD.  


As the name suggests, stealth marking technology provides the ability to inscribe invisible analog markings on the table of gemstones with a view to achieve customization for rapid identification, branding, tracking and ultimately add value to the gemstone.

WordsWithin (U.S. Trademark Serial No. 90039620) is the perfect way to memorialize or give meaning to life's unique moments capturing it forever on to the table of a precious gemstone. 

Serenity's custom designed portable viewer can be used to easily view the Stealth Marked inscriptions from the table of a loose or mounted gemstone without the need for any cumbersome fixtures or focusing procedures. Simply place the gem on an optical window to view the magnified inscription on the viewer screen. Our background and expertise in optical system design was developed in the early 2000s when we designed high resolution optics that could operate under high vacuum, hand held microscope viewers for reading analog data for the Bible project, and the AGS colorimeter for brilliance measurements, to name a few. 



Serenity Laser Marker

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