Lab Grown Diamond

CVD and HPHT Diamond Growth R&D

Lab Gown Diamond 

Diamond mining can involve the removal of vast amounts of earth and rock which creates holes so big they can be seen from space. Few industries in the world have a larger environmental and social footprint than mining. Lab-grown diamond on the other hand offers a much more desirable alternative for consumers who are driven by environmental sustainability and social welfare issues. Lab-grown diamond is chemically, physically and optically identical to a mined diamond. Diamond is no longer relegated to just a sparkling gem, the lab-grown diamond provides a roadmap for an unknown number of years ahead in the global electronics industry.

Serenity's exposure to the enhancement of gemstone materials naturally led to development of process technology for nano crystalline, polycrystalline and single crystal diamond growth. Lab-grown diamonds are as unique as their mined counterparts, each one perfectly, imperfect, with infinite possibilities to tailor properties to suit the purpose. Growth of single crystal diamond requires a wide range of capabilities and expertise in growth equipment and process for CVD and or HPHT technologies, high purity gas generation and distribution infrastructure, full automation, process recipes, production of high quality seeds with low density of point defects, super polished diamond seeds, damage-free laser shaping of diamond, etching and removal of polycrystalline diamond from single crystal blocks, stress reduction of crystal, high temperature annealing capabilities, analytical capabilities for measurement of crystal quality and assessment of NV distribution, impurity detection, etc. Serenity has devoted decades of research in developing capabilities in all these arenas and more.  

HPHT Rough Growth Research