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Working at the Nanoscale

Innovation and Ingenuity

Founded in 2001, Serenity Technologies has focused on bringing new ideas and innovation to emerging technologies that have potential for large-scale application. Our journey over the last two decades has been one of innovation and ingenuity that helped us develop a strong focus on nanotechnology applications especially in the field of Gem Materials.


Nanotechnology is not simply working at ever smaller dimensions; rather working at the nanoscale enables the utilization of unique physical, chemical, mechanical and optical properties of materials that naturally occur at that scale. 

Serenity’s strong portfolio of intellectual property and diversification strategy have helped develop innovative products having wide commercial application. These products cover a gamut of fields. During our first decade alone we worked on analog archival, custom optics, beam based polishing, micro-marking of diamonds, revolutionary chemical-mechanical polishing technology for diamonds, color enhancement technologies for diamonds and other gem materials, and nanocrystalline diamond coatings to name a few. 


Serenity's patented pink diamond treatment is the only treatment technology in the world that can be used to create pink diamonds reliably, predictably and repeatedly in high volume. Diamantine, a lab-grown diamond simulant gem, fortified with nano crystalline diamond skin is our time tested product that provides the wearer with an option to wear jewelry that dazzles like diamonds. Serenity's nano crystalline diamond treatment methodologies are comprehensively covered and protected by two worldwide patents. Serenity developed proprietary techniques for improving the color grade of moissanite that led to a joint venture partnership for global supply and distribution of proprietary moissanite gems and jewelry. Serenity's expertise in diamonds and precious gems naturally led to the development of lab-grown diamond technology, focusing on single and polycrystalline growth, laser shaping and slicing operations, proprietary LPHT/annealing process and equipment, automation for cutting and polishing to help growers bring manufacturing to USA.

World events in 2020 and our mission to deliver relevant, innovative solutions led us to develop ALLOUTnano a revolutionary antimicrobial hand sanitizer developed using our expertise in nanotechnology. ALLOUTnano utilizes the benefits of copper and silver at the nanoscale while shattering the status quo for hand sanitizer performance and user expectations. There is no comparable product on the market today.

Serenity places a strong emphasis on its intellectual property protection and receives valuable assistance for its IP strategy from the law firms of Schaffer IP Law, LLC, Patterson, Thuente, Skaar and Christensen P.A. and DeWitt LLP.

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