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Analog Storage Technology
Patent: 7,666,579
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PermaFiche: Analog Storage of data for 1000+ years

Serenity Technologies patented PermaFiche technology (US7,666,579) is the next generation in analog archival and preservation technology.

PermaFiche technology provides the potential for truly long-term storage of information via the metal media on which the information is stored in analog format.


Organizations and agencies engaged in the archival and preservation of information typically collect and store records in the form of Books, Microfilm, Data files, Digital images etc. All of the above mentioned types of collection are stored on media that is organic in nature and suffers from various types of deterioration. Papers, Microfilm, Magnetic tapes, Optical disks etc, all have a natural shelf life. Some are longer than others and are dependent on the material used, as well as the temperature and humidity in which they are stored. Additionally some are dependent on hardware and software to interpret them.

Serenity created the world's smallest readable Bible which serves as a powerful example of the storage density of Permafiche which is 225 times the typical storage space in a high quality microfilm or microfiche. 

Bible Pendant


Beautiful light weight wooden pendants framing the Bible inscribed on a cross.

Micro Bible


Carry the comfort of your Bible everywhere you go. The King James version inscribed in high quality quartz, the size of a credit card and protected by a light weight poly carbonate case. 


Analog Archival Technology

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