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Stealth Marking DIAMONDS
Charge Particle Beam (CPB) Technology

 Tracking and Identification
Diamond Certificate
Origin Story
Fraud Prevention
Personal Photo
Videos Message
Patent: 7,666,579
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Stealth Marking Diamonds 

Serenity's involvement in table branding of diamonds goes back more than two decades back in 1999 when the founders invented and patented this technology, which was soon after exclusively licensed to De Beers and LLD. Serenity has further advanced the technology to develop Charged Particle Beam (CPB) Stealth Marking of diamonds for high volume application with superior resolution while significantly improving the cost of ownership CPB Marking Systems.   


Serenity's stealth marking technologies (charged particles, laser) provide a powerful means to the placement of information in the form of near-invisible analog and/or digital marks right on the table of diamonds. These digital marks provide the means to encapsulate personalized information that add value and  bring meaning to your precious purchase of a diamond. Serenity's Charged Particle Beam (CPB) technology provides the means to achieve the highest resolution in table marking of diamonds for the purpose of storing a wealth of information in analog or digital form. 


Serenity's Stealth Marking technology provides the ability to store meaningful information right on the table of a diamond that serves multiple needs of the gem industry today - tracking, identification, certification, fraud prevention, personalization and customization (messages, photos, videos etc.)  The analog or digital mark can be easily magnified and viewed using a Serenity viewer, then simply decode using just your mobile phone. Serenity's encrypted QR code technology provides the most advanced method of storing large amounts of information that can be easily accessed via Serenity's custom built reader.  

The Serenity Viewer is a small tabletop viewer designed for the purpose of viewing analog and digital micro inscriptions on the table of a cut and polished gemstone.  The Serenity Viewer has no knobs or complex fixturing. Simply place the loose or mounted gem table side onto the window recess and view the magnified image of the micro-inscription.

Gemstone Certificate

Gemstone Certificate On the Gemstone for peace of mind.

Wedding Memories

Wedding Memories Pictures, Videos and Audios

Gemstone Origin

Know the Origin of your Gemstone.

Logos, Serial Numbers and Customized Digital Marking

Invisible inscriptions on the table of the diamond open up opportunities for brand promotion such as logos or other identifiers through analog marking. Storage of important information such as the diamond certificate, and customization of the diamond through messages, pictures, audio or video through digital marking allows a level of personalization never before achieved.

Inscriptions containing text

Achieve InnerPeace - Serenity's patented technology provides the ability to inscribe entire passages of sacred text in any language right on the table of the diamond, bringing a whole new connection to your favorite diamond jewelry.


Digital Stealth Marking Of Gemstones

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