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Patents : 9,883,723 and 9,108,888
Nano Crystalline Diamond Treated Cubic Zirconia
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Diamantine: A Superlative Diamond Alternative

Diamantine is a most unique diamond simulant that most closely duplicates the look and feel of real diamond. 


Diamantine is protected by worldwide patents (in the US under US9,883,723 and US9,108,888). Diamantine is not your typical diamond simulant. It cannot be distinguished from DIAMOND with naked eye.

Diamantine is created using a nanotechnology process that imparts a diamond-ceramic matrix which we call “diamond skin” conformally over all the cut surfaces of finely cut premium quality cubic zirconia core material. Diamantine is perfect in every way and suits every budget. Diamantine is colorless, flawless and perfectly cut with stunning hearts & arrow symmetry as well as other desirable premium fancy cuts.


Choose Diamantine without burning a hole in your pocket and  splurge on the perfect luxurious jewelry setting you have been dreaming about.


Diamantine Bridal Jewelry 

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