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A perfect alternative to a mined diamond
Discover the beauty of Serenity Moissanite
Discover a world beyond the diamond
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What is Moissanite?

Naturally occurring silicon carbide and its various polymorphs were given the name moissanite after the French chemist Henri Moissan. Moissanite's amazing optical properties, hardness and thermal conductivity have resulted in wide industrial and commercial application. Moissanite in its natural form remains very rare. All applications of moissanite today use lab-grown material. Moissanite was introduced into the gems and jewelry market in the late nineties. Moissanite has some optical properties that exceed those of diamond. Its hardness is close to diamond and its excellent thermal conductivity which is similar to diamond, naturally led to its use as a diamond alternative.


Typical Moissanite has an inherent problem of forming a thin oxide layer which makes the gemstone look dull with time. Moissanite sellers typically use special alumina-impregnated cleaning cloths to temporarily remove the dulling film at the point of sale or for general upkeep of merchandize. Serenity's proprietary technology addresses this problem by eliminating the formation of dulling oxide films on cut and polished Moissanite gems. Serenity's proprietary color upgrade technology ensures the best crystal quality and color grade (certified DEF and GHI category). Serenity's one of a kind patented ion induction treatment makes it possible to produce a dazzling array of fancy colors (pink, blue, yellow, orange, and cognac to name a few). Most particularly, if you see a Pink Moissanite, it must have been brought to life at Serenity Labs. 


Serenity's joint venture with the Aryamond Group led to the development of a completely new silicon carbide gem that has no competitor in the market. Aryamond-Serenity is the only producer of the "DIAMOND2". The revolutionary lab-grown Diamond2 gem is an innovative breakthrough that seeks to disrupt the tradition-bound world of fine jewelry dominated by the diamond. Diamond2 gems undergo proprietary treatments protected by patents US9,108,888 and US9,883,723 that improve the luster and brilliance of the gem by imparting a special outer layer composed of a nano-diamond ceramic matrix. Diamond2 gems come in all shapes, sizes and colors, cut to exacting Hearts & Arrow specifications for rounds and ideal diamond cuts for fancy shapes. Visit to view the first flagship retail store in Singapore powered by Serenity’s proprietary technology      

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