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Gemstone Treatment

Color Enhancement & Protection
Patent: 8431188
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Gemstone Enhancement: Color treatment & Brilliance

Precious and semi-precious gemstones are often treated to enhance, change or add colors that make them more attractive or desirable. Serenity's unique patented ion-induction reversible color treatments render gemstones having no color or poor color with a range of intense fancy colors that are truly a joy to behold. The Serenity ion-induction treatment protected by US patent 8431188, impart abrasion resistant color conformally to the cut surfaces of a gemstone wherein the treatment is highly durable and exhibits improved wear resistance to normal use conditions in jewelry settings. 

Serenity employs high-tech automated equipment to deliver an astonishing array of single and multi-color gem treatments on a variety of gemstones such as diamond (mined and lab-grown), moissanite, cubic zirconia, topaz, zircon, sapphire, rock crystal to name a few. Serenity's pink diamond treatment is the only enhancement technology that can deliver repeatable color results with little or no variation in shade to all sizes and shapes of diamonds from melees up to large stones. Unlike radiation treatments that can provide varied results for the pink color obtained, Serenity's pink diamond color treatment can be produced in a variety of pink shades and intensities based upon customer preference. 

Other popular color enhancements include natural blues, yellows, chocolate, orange, cognac colors in pale to very intense hues. The multi-color treatments are very desirable for gemstones such as topaz and rock crystal rendering them with two-tone or rainbow colors. In addition to imparting abrasion resistant color, Serenity also provides improved brilliance and protective nano crystalline treatments to soft gemstones such as tanzanite and emerald using their patented nano-diamond ceramic matrix technology.


Serenity Blue Diamond Treatment of LGD

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