Nanocrystalline Diamond Coating image

Nanocrystalline Diamond Coating



Serenity’s Nanocrystalline Diamond Coating process is the subject of a pending patent in the area of treatment of utility and/or decorative objects with thin film nanocrystalline diamond for the purpose of improving optical and physical properties of materials. Diamantine is created by employing a multistep treatment process which involves the development of a coating of nanocrystalline diamond particles of size below 60 nm uniformly on all cut surfaces of the gem material utilizing Serenity’s proprietary nanodiamond technology. Each Nanodiamond particle is pure sp3 diamond with all its optical and physical properties.
The gallery images demonstrate the existence of the nanocrystalline diamond particles on the Diamantine Gem in a series of high-resolution micrographs obtained via scanning electron microscopy (SEM) of the Diamantine facets as well as high resolution transmission electron microscopy (HR-TEM) and spectral analysis of the coating using energy dispersive spectroscopy (STEM/EDS) . The average size of the nanocrystalline diamond cluster varies between 5 – 30 nm and as can be seen from the micrograph captured at magnification over 100,000X, the treated gem is uniformly covered with a high density of the diamond crystallites that become clearly visible only under tremendous magnification (low magnification SEM image at 2000X shows the presence of the diamond crystallites as a barely discernible blanket of dots on the coated facet).



CLICK HERE to view complete details of the analysis report published by EVANS ANALYTICAL GROUP. Evans Analytical Group is the world's premier materials characterization and surface analysis laboratory with state of the art instruments for providing analysis of materials structures at the nano scale. For more information on the analytical techniques used for analysis of Serenity's nanocrytsalline diamond coating visit