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Diamond Matrix Color



Serenity's unique gem enhancement technology in the area gem color treatments is covered under its US Patent No. 8,431,188. Serenity believes in upfront investment in IP protection to ensure a strong defensive position against competitors who may try to steal it's leading edge technologies or attempt to file infringement lawsuits to affect it's business and performs the appropriate due diligence to ensure compliance with all intellectual property laws. Serenity receives valuable assistance for its IP strategy from one of the top patent law firms in the nation, Marger Johnson & McCollum PC as well as from the outstanding firm of Patterson, Thuente, Skaar and Christensen, P.A. Gem enhancement technologies are the subject of a multitude of patents and patent applications and Serenity has conducted detailed infringement studies on certain issued and pending patents to satisfy itself as well as it's customers of the non-existence of any potential infringements.


Sakura Topaz is created using a combination of proprietary vacuum technologies and/or sol gel based immersion technologies. The production of a wear resistant colored coating results from a treatment involving simultaneous deposition of a wear resistant material such as diamond-like-carbon or CVD Diamond along with specific concentration of impurity elements designed to achieve unique color effects. The treatment is applied to all cut surfaces of a colorless or near-colorless topaz gemstone.