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Ion Induction



Serenity Colored Diamonds are created using a patented ion induction color treatment (USA Patent No. 8,431,188) that imparts vibrant color to any and all types of clarity of natural or synthetic diamonds with starting color that may range from white and off white all the way down the scale to C color diamonds. This treatment is completely radiation-free and provides a consistent, reliable and predictable method for producing the desired color shade without many of the drawbacks of existing color treatments for diamonds such as irradiation and HPHT.


It is well understood that the formation of color in natural diamonds is a result of the presence of certain trace elements that interact with the carbon atoms and/or distortions to the typical diamond crystal. Serenity’s ion induction color treatment developed specifically for diamond utilizes a similar principle wherein certain trace levels of impurities are allowed to interact with the surface of the diamond under tightly controlled process conditions with real time process monitoring and feedback control to achieve phenomenal color enhancement of the diamond.


Serenity Colored Diamonds are stable under all normal use conditions recommended for diamond jewelry. Additionally they are stable under all typical conditions for elevated temperature, sonication baths and dilute acids/caustics that are used during jewelry setting, rhodium plating, repair and cleaning operations.


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