Inspirational Products




Serenity Technologies Inspirational Products employ their patent pending Permafice technology to micro-inscribe complete religious texts onto special quartz tiles that can then be designed into the form of unique jewelry or other collectibles. 

The heart of the Gemstone Bible Pendant  or the Bracelet is a small PermaFicheTM tile micro-inscribed with the complete text of the New Testament which is encased in exquisite designs of hand crafted silver and encrusted with beautiful gemstones. The PermaFicheTM tile consists of a 15X15mm quartz base material with a metal film coating into which the text is inscribed. The tile is available in various hues of copper, gold, metallic blues and greens. The PermaFicheTM tile comes with optional diamond coatings for superior scratch protection.


Other collectibles such as the Credit Card Micro-Bible and the illuminated decorative Micro-Bible Book are designed on special quartz Permafiche tiles that contain the complete text of the old and new testaments. The credit card Micro-Bible is the perfect way to carry your Bible with you all the time. The hand carved wood Micro-Bible book uses EL Technology to provide back chargeable battery power back illumination that makes it an amazing dispaly item and in addition allows easy reading with the aid of Serenity's custom built Optima xP Pen Microscope viewer.