Clear Treatment


Protective treatment that eliminates tarnishing of silver jewelry articles with or without gemstones. Lifetime guarantee under normal use conditions.


Fashion runways and jewelry store fronts display new sterling silver jewelry trends every year. Designers will be interpreting and stylizing sterling silver into new forms of jewelry for years to come, because of the metal’s beauty, versatility, durability, and affordability. That’s why sterling silver jewelry trends continue to be “new again” all over the world; it’s a natural fashion perennial!


Rings, necklaces, bracelets, and other items that you’ll see in sterling silver jewelry trends all look gorgeous in plain designs or in combination with gemstones and other precious metals.


With budgets tight, there's more demand for opening price points. Silver is one of the hottest categories that is helping retailers build traffic and repeat business. Today, diamond jewelry that needs to fit an under $200 category (for example $79.99, $149.99 or $179.99 price point categories) is being manufactured in silver. 


The ever present problem with silver is tarnishing! Manufacturers of silver jewelry with or without gemstones are using Rhodium plating which is an expensive process and is not eco-friendly. Rhodium plated silver products mimic the look of white gold but are done to the minimum level of thickness to save on costs causing the platings to wear out in a short time. Sterling silver jewelry without platings require constant maintenance and care to prevent or remove tarnish build-up. Serenity's NEO-SILVER treatment eliminates all issues with regard to tarnishing and can even be modified to treat and protect flash rhodium plated silver articles (for cases where the white gold look is desirable). Most importantly the treatment can be run on finished jewelry articles without affecting the gemstones or other non-silver decorative elements in the jewelry.


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