Zircon Upgrade



Colorless specimens of Zircon that show gem quality are a popular substitute for diamond; these specimens are also known as "Matura diamond". According to lore Zircon is a stone of purity and innocence. It balances the emotions and enhances self esteem and unity. It was used as an amulet by travelers to protect against accident and injury on the journey. Zircon was believed to provide the wearer with wisdom, honor and riches, and it was also used to stop the wearer from being stuck by lightening. The loss of luster on a Zircon stone is said to warn of danger. 

Zircon is best known for its high refractive index, high dispersion, and high luster. One of the key properties for identifying zircon is the high birefringence, which will cause the pavilion facets to appear doubled. Gem-quality zircon is normally brown, but blue, orange, black, pink, green, yellow and colorless stones are also found in nature. Zircon may contain up to 20% of the elements hafnium, yttrium or uranium. These stones are mildly radioactive, and have often become metaminct, which means that their crystalline structure has been broken down due to radioactive decay. Most zircon is heat treated to improve the color, and this treatment can also restore the crystal structure in stones that have decayed due to radiation. Radioactive Zircon that has undergone the metamiction process is occasionally called "Low Zircon", while stable Zircon with an intact crystal lattice is known as "High Zircon".

Serenity has developed a proprietary technique for the improvement of Zircons that have already been heat treated. Serenity’s process can be applied on “Low Zircon” or “High Zircon” whose appearance even after typical heat treatment is off-white, brownish or peachy with or without the presence of band discolorations. Such Zircon is of undesirable color and appearance and is generally not fit for sale. Zircon that has been treated by Serenity Gem Upgrade process is sparkling white in appearance. Serenity Gem Upgrade process can be used to treat poor quality cut and polished Zircon of any size in any quantity reliably and predictably.

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