Gemstone Decoration


Serenity Technologies introduces a new concept for jewelry design that extends itself to the gems that are mounted in jewelry. Serenity Gem Decoration Technology is used to create precise patterns using precious metals (ultra-pure 99.9999% silver, gold, platinum) in opaque and transparent gemstone materials (topaz, , smoky quartz, amethyst, opal, agate, citrine, sapphire. ruby, onyx, jade, lapis etc) that are manufactured into rings, pendants, cuff links, eyewear frames, bracelets etc. The idea revolves around the concept of decorating the gem itself rather than only designing the piece around the gem. The patterns can be in the form of filigree designs, symbols, logos or other brands. This technology is an extension of Serenity's Permafiche data storage technology (patent pending).


Key attributes:

  • Any image can be branded on any gemstone at very high resolution
  • The process does not damage the gem piece in any way.
  • The precious metal brand is sub surface and cannot be felt by touch or easily scratched off.
  • The brand can be put down on complex 3D surfaces
  • The brand is made of 99.9999% pure Silver, Gold, Platinum or holographic material that changes color when viewed at different angles, or other metals to produces blacks or other shades.


The gallery images illustrate the concept on opaque and transparent materials. The picture of the pendant illustrates the decoration of an onyx pendant using ultra-pure silver. This can be easily extended to the temple design of brand name eyewear. The images of designs on gem materials such as sapphire and topaz illustrate the concept of extending the design of a jewelry piece on to the gem itself. This would have great application to mens pieces such as gem cufflinks or mens/womens rings/pendants/bracelets as well precious metal artwork on watch dials. The images that show patterning done on concave cut topaz illustrates the precise patterning of complex 3D surfaces.


In addition to precious metal patterning Serenity has developed innovative techniques to pattern with 99.9999%  pure silver and convert its appearance to various colors, for example  faux-gold by which the pattern can be created in 99.9999% silver but can be further processed to have it look like gold (the images showing concave cut green topaz were produced in ultra-pure silver but further converted to appear like gold).