Sakura Topaz


The ancients thought a blend of art and science was needed to unlock gemstone beauty. brilliance, and fire, they said lie hidden within the stones and await the cutter’s art of shaping, faceting and polishing. Gemstone beauty also consists of fine color and clear complexion. The American Gem Trade Association defines an enhancement as any process other than shaping, faceting or polishing “that improves the APPEARANCE (i.e. the color, clarity or phenomena), DURABILITY, VALUE or AVAILABILITY of the gemstone".


Serenity brings new meaning to the terms APPEARANCE, DURABILITY, VALUE and AVAILABILITY with their patent pending Gem Enhancement Technology. Serenity uses cutting edge technology to fashion gemstone enhancements which, put simply, create brilliant color captured within a matrix of diamond bonded molecules that are applied with ultra-precision to all the cut surfaces of white natural topaz.  


Serenity has harnessed the extreme properties of diamond films to create Topaz enhancements that require no special care and handling in addition to being a class apart in the vibrant living color imparted to the gemstone. A Serenity Enhanced Sakura Topaz brings great freedom and flexibility to the jewelry maker in the design and manufacture of gemstone jewelry set in a variety of styles and metals. As for the Wearer, the superior performance of the Serenity Enhanced Gem means no special handling or care required!



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