USPTO issues US Patent No. 8,431,188 for "ABRASION RESISTANT COATINGS WITH COLOR COMPONENT FOR GEMSTONES AND SUCH"  on April 30, 2013 with 21 year term.


Serenity's much awaited patent dealing with the subject area of surface enhancement of gemstones to create abrasion resistant diamond coatings and fancy color treatments was issued on April 30, 2013 with a 21 year term. This patent protects Serenity's proprietary colored diamond treatment, fancy color moissanite treatment, as well as recently introduced color enhancement treatments to natural stones including but not limited to Zircon, Danburite, Petalite, Morganite, Aquamarine, Tanzanite, Labradorite and color enhancements to synthetic gemstones such as Colored Diamantine.


News Posted On: 2013-05-13