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A Superlative Diamond Alternative
For those who want the perfect diamond but do not own it for reasons of cost or sentiment.

Serenity Technologies patented (US 9,108,888) and patent pending (US 14/808,575, EP09798852.1, 365/DELNP/2011)
 nanocrystalline diamond treatment is used to create Diamantinethe world’s only true look alike of a gem diamond and produced only at Serenity Labs, USA. It is virtually impossible to visually distinguish Diamantine from a fine natural diamond. The amazing look of Diamantine is attributed to the crystalline diamond treatment that envelops the gem rendering it with optical properties close to that of a fine natural diamond. The only way to positively identify Diamantine™ is by its weight, hardness and chemical component. Diamantine is machine cut to diamond proportions with superior quality polish as well as thin polished girdles. Until now the only popular diamond alternatives have been Cubic Zirconia, DLC (diamond like carbon) coated Cubic Zirconia and Moissanite.

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