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NEO - More than just Moissanite!


Revel in the Radiance of NEO - your new source for Brilliant White and Vivid Fancy Colored moissanite gems  



Serenity Technologies in partnership with Aryamond Group, is pleased to announce the birth of NEO - a 4H crystalline polytype of Silicon Carbide faceted to perfection and now available for purchase everywhere except in countries restricted by Charles & Colvard patent.


NEO gems are cut to perfection with ideal Hearts & Arrow specification for rounds and ideal fancy cuts that embody the look of gem diamonds.


Until recently Serenity Technologies provided moissanite whitening and its patented color treatment services to Charles & Colvard and suppliers of Charles & Colvard gems worldwide. The expiry of the Charles & Colvard Silicon Carbide gemstone patents has opened up the opportunity to launch the NEO under Serenity Aryamond Group for sale in USA and all other territories in the world where the C&C patent restrictions do not apply (Patent restriction currently in Mexico upto 2018).


Lifting of patent restrictions in the USA has created oppotunities for other moissanite manufacturers to supply moissanite gems into the US markets but Serenity Aryamond is proud to stand alone as the world's only supplier of colorless, near colorless and vivid fancy colored 4H-SiC gemstones utilizing Serenity's proprietary whitening technology and its patented color treatment technologies. While Serenity Aryamond Group welcomes the opening up of the Moissanite Gem market in US it will remain vigilant of any violation of Serenity Technologies patent rights that are applicable to moissanite gemstones.


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