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Gold-like Silver


Serenity Technologies patented NEOSILVER technology (US 8,802,202) renders finished silver articles and silver jewelry with permanent anti-tarnish properties while converting the appearance of the silver to fine 22K gold. The treatment is done without the use of gold.


Serenity's proprietary Silver-to-Gold technology provides a cost effective treatment for rendering silver in any form or shape including finished jewelry with a yellow gold  or rose gold appearance "without" the use of any gold. The demand for silver articles/jewelry with gold plating or "gold wash" is very high despite the fact that such treatments wear off in a short time. 

This treatment provides the silver with permanent anti-tarnish properties in addition to the solid gold appearance.

The treatment can be provided to silver articles and jewelry that have mounted stones or other decorative treatments like enameling without affecting the appearance of the non-silver items.
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