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Natural Colored Diamonds are found in every shade imaginable – each and every stone one of a kind. The physical conditions required to form these miracles of nature occur so rarely that only one diamond in 10,000 possesses this natural color. Natural Colored Diamonds have grown in desirability and popularity but their wonder can be experienced only by a few who can afford these rare gemstones. While traditional colorless diamonds may be the popular choice for engagement rings and other diamond jewelry, colored diamonds and especially pink diamonds are now more sought after as unique and delightful options for creative pieces. 


Prepare to be Amazed! Serenity Colored Diamonds can be experienced by one and all! Now these exquisite gems are available in an amazing range of colors using a patented treatment technology (USA Patent No. 8,431,188) that bring Colored Diamonds into a new realm of affordability.


Serenity Colored Diamonds Treatment is the only treatment technology in the world that can be used to create an amazing array of pinks (and all other colors) from off-white natural or synthetic diamonds of any type, any size, any cut, any clarity or clarity enhanced, and in any quantity, reliably, predictably and reproducibly without any risk to the diamond whatsoever.  




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