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The OPTIVAC is a compact high resolution optical microscope that enables alignment and navigation


The OPTIVAC is a compact high resolution optical microscope that enables alignment and navigation for materials inspection and processing inside a vacuum chamber. OPTIVAC viewer is equipped with bright field, dark field and infrared imaging capabilities.

Incorporating an entire optical microscope including the Charged Couple Device (CCD) device inside an ultra high vacuum environment and keeping it functional is the challenge but provides great benefit to the optical resolution capabilities. The configuration of currently used optical microscopes for Ultra High Vacuum  (10-6 torr) systems (for example: Focused Ion Beam system, Scanning Electron Microscope, SIMS, X-ray and other Hi-Tech analytical vacuum systems) are all designed in such a way that only parts of the objective lens is exposed to the vacuum atmosphere and the rest of optical system is in air. The most widely used technique is where the entire optical system is mounted on to a transparent view port and under this scenario none of the optical system components are within the vacuum. This severely restricts the resolution capabilities of the microscope.


Key features of the OPTIVACTM


Compact Optical Microscope approximately 3.5 inches in length and can deliver magnification as high as 2000X.

The entire optical microscope including the CCD array is compatible with the Ultra High Vacuum requirements.

The objective lens can be easily changed for higher or lower magnification including use of optical zoom to obtain the right field of view and magnification.

The entire Optical microscope is on gimbals providing alll the degrees of freedom to position the microscope inside the vacuum chamber very accurately for optimum viewing of the parts. It provides a fast, and cost effective way for accurate alignment in ultra high vacuum systems replacing the need for expensive e-beam columns for certain applications.

The entire gimbal mechanism can be motorized and controlled externally using a joystick.

The CCD array in the in-vacuum optical microscope is designed with Peltier cooling which maintains the chip temperture at or below 40 oC.

Interface for easy porting of high quality color or B&W image to an external computer. 


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