Serenity Technologies is managed by Jayant Neogi and Dr. Suneeta Neogi a husband and wife team whose rich and diverse experience in the fields of beam technologies, materials technology, optics, MEMS and semiconductor processing have culminated in the company's diverse technology and product offerings.



Jayant Neogi


Jayant Neogi's previous experience includes working with FEI Company (Hillsboro, OR), Norsam Technologies (Hillsboro, OR) and Carl Zeiss (Oberkochen, Germany). As CEO of Norsam Technologies Jayant was responsible for the development and feasibility testing of HD Rosetta technology based on the use of Los Alamos licensed focused ion beam technology for analog data storage. He was one of 9 invited speakers at the WHITE HOUSE Conference on Conflict Diamonds. In addition he was invited by the HRDAP at the PENTAGON for a panel discussion on Analog Archival and Preservation Technology.



Suneeta Neogi


Dr. Suneeta Neogi's has accumulated nearly a decade of experience working at Intel Corp., driving the development and utilization of diagnostic tools and techniques for the discovery and characterization of semiconductor device reliability failure mechanisms during qualification and testing of the company's lead microprocessor products. Her expertise in semiconductor process technology and materials characterization have helped develop Serenity's strong portfolio of intellectual property. More recently Dr. Neogi gained experience in the field of Power devices working with International Rectifier in their Quality group.



Jayant and Suneeta Neogi were founders of 3-Beams Technologies in early 2000 and developed the focused ion beam branding process for placing shallow markings on the table of diamonds as a method for branding, certification and tracking. 3-Beams later became the gemstone research division of Norsam Technologies during Jayant's tenure as CEO of the company. Under Jayant Neogi's leadership and direction 3-Beams licensed its branding technology to 2 of the world's leading diamond mining and manufacturing companies.