Brief History

Brief History

There is a whole new universe at the nanoscale.


Our Vision: To develop innovative technologies and products that transform markets and create opportunities.


Founded in 2001, Serenity Technologies has focused on bringing new ideas and innovation to emerging technologies that have potential for large-scale application. Serenity’s strong portfolio of intellectual property and diversification strategy have helped develop innovative products having wide commercial application. These products cover a gamut of fields relating to analog archival, custom optics, beam based polishing, micro-marking of diamonds, revolutionary chemical-mechanical polishing technology for diamonds, color enhancement technologies for diamonds and other gem materials, and nanocrystalline diamond coatings.


Serenity’s strong focus on nanotechnology has been key to the development of brand new products that have opened up new markets. The colored diamond project is one of many such examples of how Serenity’s patent pending technology was used to create a product that satisfies a growing trend in the jewelry industry for pink diamonds. Serenity’s pink color diamond process is the only treatment technology in the world that can be used to create pink diamonds reliably, predictably and repeatedly in high volume. The Diamantine project that was launched in August 2008 is another great example of Serenity’s ability to harness the extreme properties of diamonds at a nanoscale and add tremendous value to gem materials such as cubic zirconia that have long been used as a cheap imitation of diamonds. EterenityCZ is a gem that cannot be visually distinguished from a real diamond and is manufactured using Serenity’s patent pending nanocrystalline diamond coating technology.


Serenity Technologies got started in 2001 with the introduction of PermaFicheTM, the ultimate solution for analog storage of information serving the Archival and Preservation industry. PermaFicheTM stores information in the form of text and images in a physically permanent medium at densities up to 5200 pages in 1 sq. inch and in addition provides the means for retrieval and distribution of the information. PermaFicheTM offers significant advantages over existing microfiche and microfilm technology and is the key to a truly viable long term analog archival technology. Additionally, Serenity conceived of the Bible project and has introduced unique Christian products built around the central theme of being able to put the entire text of the Bible within a very small space thus creating an entirely new concept for inspirational jewelry and keepsakes. Details of the Micro-Bible and the Bible in a Pendant collection can be found under "Products".


Whether it be color enhancement of diamonds, ultra-polishing of diamonds, nanocrystalline diamond coatings, or analog data storage, to name a few, Serenity places a strong emphasis on its intellectual property protection and receives valuable assistance for its IP strategy from the lawfirms of Marger, Johnson and McCollom P.C. and Patterson, Thuente, Skaar and Christensen P.A.

Serenity Milestones

Titan launches Diamantine jewelry in India Feb 18th.

Serenity secured exclusive R&D contract rights from Titan industry to support their jewelry, watch and eye wear industry.

signs exclusive agreement with Titan Industries in India for exclusive Diamantine marketing in India.

RFID tagging of jewelry product line.

Digital encoding of jewelry product line.

Introduces jewelry that smells good.

Launches NeoSilver : tarnish free silver treatment for silver jewelry and silver articles.

Serenity launches emerald green and sapphire blue Diamantine.

Serenity launches blood red Diamantine.
Serenity launches next generation Diamantine.
IGI certified Diamantine product line.

Serenity unveils new Pink Diamond Treatment that produces vibrant pinks the industry has never seen before.
Independent premier lab provides complete analysis and verification of Serenity's patent pending nanocrystalline diamond coating.
Serenity's Diamantine launched in Japanese TV under the 'diamondlite' brand.
Serenity launches Colored Moissanite born of VG grade C&C Created Moissanite.
P2 Process Patent for ultrapolishing of diamond using Serenity’s revolutionary wheel and beam technologies receives Notice of all claims allowed by USPTO.
Serenity unveils new product - Diamantine - developed from patent pending technology for the treatment of utility and/or decorative objects with a nanocrystalline diamond coating.
Serenity re-introduces Diamond Enhanced Topaz under the brand Sakura Topaz.
Serenity agrees to an amicable out of court settlement with Azotic Coating Technology after a 2 year court battle over claims of patent infringement brought by Azotic in April 2006. Read more about this in “Latest News Updates”.
Serenity moves to new state-of-the-art facility in prestigious Rancho Business Park with installation of several custom built high-tech equipment for diamond and gem material research.
Serenity Colored Diamond treatment provided to customers worldwide (Japan, Israel, India, HongKong, USA).
Increasing demand for pinks as Serenity gains attention as being sole provider of their patent pending technology.
Serenity’s challenge of Azotic patent results in changes and modification to Azotic’s ‘826 patent in accordance with USPTO action on Serenity’s Ex-parte challenge and that ultimately restrict the patent to a narrow set of claims.
GIA and Serenity mutual cooperation results in extensive testing and reporting by GIA on Serenity Colored Diamonds.
Serenity develops Diamond Rx Gem-Coat Technology for enhancement and protection of soft gemstones such as Apatite, Emeralds etc.
Serenity unveils new product – Serenity Colored Diamonds.
Serenity challenges the validity of Azotic Coating Technology patent in response to assertions of patent infringement by Azotic. Ex-Parte Re-examination request filed with the United States Patent Office.
ShopNBC reports record sales of Serenity’s Diamond Enhanced topaz selling in rings, pendants and earrings manufactured exclusively for ShopNBC. Rio Topaz makes it to top of the list in highest one day sales.
Serenity’s Diamond Enhanced Topaz debuts on ShopNBC.
Production initiated at state-of-the-art Gem Enhancement Lab.
American Gem Society selects Serenity as vendor of choice for the desktop and handheld ASET tools.
Set up of gemstone cutting and high volume optic component manufacturing operations in Asia.
Development of next generation diamond polishing wheels – test and development initiated.
Demonstration of high speed cutting process for diamond rough.
Serenity introduces pocket lightbox for inspection of diamonds under color-corrected light.
Introduction of novel processing technique for creating durable gem enhancements.
Levidia Diamond Transaction Tracking Database development initiated.
Early demonstration of Serenitys patent pending P2 ultra-polish technology for diamonds.
Serenity unveils the “Bible in a Pendant” collection enabled by PermaFiche.
Serenity designs and develops a 120X high resolution pen microscope.
Serenity introduces the first Micro-Bible product enabled by PermaFiche.
Development of the OPTIVAC high vacuum compatible optical microscope.
Serenity unveils PermaFiche, the next generation in Analog Archival and Preservation technology.
Serenity founder invited to the PENTAGON as participant in a panel discussion on Archival and Preservation Technology.
Introduction of GemVision viewer at the JCK Show.
Serenity founder invited talk at the WHITE HOUSE Conference on Conflict Diamonds.
Serenity founders capture the attention of key players in the diamond industry with their innovation in the field of focused ion beam branding of diamonds (licensed by LLD Diamonds and De Beers).